Unirainone - SOCOB S.R.L., Production of asphalt



The Socob S.R.L. is based in Castel San Giorgio (SA) to the industrial zone exit to / 30 deals with a total area of ​​9,000 square meters. reserved to the production of conglomerates.

The company has highly qualified personnel engaged in the field of road construction and industrial engineering department and a highly experienced and professional, specializing in the field of road.

Competence, reliability and quality competitiveness characterize the activity of the company that combines advanced technology dynamism of human resources at its disposal.

The SOCOB born in the 'year 1977 by the family RAINONE backed by decades of industrial activity in the field of road construction and highway industries.

It has as main objective to develop businesses in your industry with the ability to fulfill orders throughout Italy for public and private organizations, ensuring reliability and quality.

Plant availability of asphalt and collaborations with companies operating in the sector specific high technology, offer the chance to face the market with competitive prices and adequate preparation.

We are interested to contribute substantially wing construction of any road work, from the preparation to the final spread of the conglomerate, ultimately we are able to provide the following support:

Construction of roadbed

with mixed grain size stabilized
with mixed concrete
with toutvenant bituminous
Realization of binder, carpets limestone, basalt and modified bitumen.


SOCOB S.r.l.

Capitale Sociale euro 79.000,00 Int. Vers. – R.E.A. di Salerno n. 158406
Iscritta c/o il Registro  delle Imprese di SA  al  n. 00543880652 (ex 133/1993)
84083 Castel San Giorgio (SA) – Zona  Industriale – Uscita Aut. A/30
Tel./Fax Office +39 081 5161166
e-mail: socobsrl@email.it