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Cave Salernitane S.P.A.

The Unirainone group in 1989 STRONG OWN EXPERIENCE IN MINING INDUSTRY SINCE THE 50 YEARS IN 1989 bought a 'company of great tradition in the mining "Cave Salernitane", a well-known name among the operators of the extractive because it has one of the best materials from all over the South. The Unirainone group, having sound experience in the quarrying industry since 1950 Purchased a company of great tradition in the quarrying industry called "Cave Salernitane" in 1989. This name is well known in the quarrying sector Because It has some of the highest quality aggregate in Southern Italy. We, in fact, a very high compactness that makes it ideal for concrete, harbor works and feThe material has, in fact, a very high level of compactness That makes it ideal for concrete, railway and port works. And not only this;

The quarry is located near Salerno and is the oldest in the area with extraction dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. Il gruppo Unirainone, proiettato verso il futuro, ha voluto dare all'attività delle “Cave Salernitane” un impronta di assoluta modernità.

The Unirainone group, adhering to its policy for innovation, completely renewed the “Cave Salernitane".

After the acquisition of the company it completely modernized, with substantial financial commitment, all equipment and systems, and is today among the most advanced on the market. This decision was taken to transform the "Cave Salernitane" into a highly advanced complex. 

Future plans for the quarry, when extraction ceases, will be to create a futuristic project of the Architect Dominique Perrault on the site of 100,000 square meters.



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