The Unirainone Group

Born from the business vitality of Guido Rainone 70s' The Group is now a production company and a brand of reference in Italy and abroad in various sectors

 His company offer an extremely wide range of services:


For Group Unirainone doing business generating profits also means emphasizing the importance of maintaining their Italian and their local roots. The culture of the company and the Rainone family recognizes a decisive importance to the region and is confident in the professionalism and willingness to do, in the area where the company is established, to grow, consolidate and continue to compete successfully.


Team spirit: competitiveness lies in the strength of the group

The culture of Unirainone is founded on team spirit, on the integration of skills and group work. Always the Rainone family is aware that the basis of the consolidation and development of the enterprise there is and there must be cohesion of efforts of responsible people.

Human resources: the true capital of the company

There is no Company men. Without the commitment, correctness, scruples, the professionalism of people, machines and technology would remain sterile. For this Unirainone we reward innovative contributions, commitment and skills of its employees and collaborators, and realizes training courses and professional upgrading courses for every level and job, because every employee is a resource that must be adequately supported and valued.