sustainable development

Sustainable development, a process aimed at achieving the objectives of environmental improvement, economic, social and institutional, both locally and globally

is a fundamental pursued by the group companies.

In particular, our companies are adopting policies of voluntary maximum respect for the environment.

The main objectives are:

  • Commit to prevent pollution of the environment and rationalize the use of resources to avoid harmful waste and managing its activities and facilities
  • Choose technical solutions that reduce the negative impact on the environment
  • Operate in compliance with the laws and regulations applicable in the field of environmental protection
  • Operate in compliance with the safety and suitability of the working environment, to protect both staff of the territory
  • Continuously innovate equipment, vehicles and equipment, to improve product quality and optimize production so as to contain costs and reduce the risk of environmental events
  • Reduce, where possible, the consumption of energy and water and promote the recovery of waste
  • Define environmental objectives and targets, to be integrated with the operational management of the establishments and company development programs
  • Involve employees and provide awareness about the influence that the work of the individual has on significant environmental aspects and risks involved in the activity
  • Monitor and reduce the effects of the activities on the environment, also indirect expenses
  • Optimize the management of construction sites to reduce environmental impacts and to favor a total recycling or proper disposal of surplus or is
  • Promote and spread the waste recycling.

This is based on the deep conviction on the part of the Group companies that the way to go for future environmental and climate

best is to unosviluppo environmentally friendly.

And most important small gestures can be an effective weapon to help improve environmental conditions.

The Group Unirainone is deeply convinced that their own industry, the building industry in the broad sense, is one of the key sectors for the shift to an environmentally sustainable development.