Innovation and Research

Research and technology

One of the objectives pursued by the Group is to integrate the knowledge triangle of research, innovation and education, strengthening and investing in this direction.

This is particularly important for our companies, who operate in private and public construction, and who specialize mainly in road and highway construction.

In this field in recent years, technology has evolved considerably. For instance, in reference to road paving, it can be said that today a series of procedures are followed that go well beyond the classical function of ensuring adhesion. In fact, various objectives are pursued that contribute to traffic safety in any situation, the reduction of environmental pollution and energy saving. For this reason already for some time, we have been adhering to the newest technological standards to ensure our clients the best possible result.

This refers in particular, by way of example and not limited to, the use of: Asphalt for reduced energy consumption; High modulus Asphalt; fibre-reinforced Asphalt; Special drainage and SMA Asphalt; Asphalt rubber-asphalt made with PFU; Photocatalytic paving; Antifreeze paving ; Colored asphalt; Rolled Compacted Concrete RCC; Viaducts with powertrain.

Furthermore, the group boasts state of the art equipment, a fleet of machinery and vehicles of the latest generation that is constantly evolving. We also have the assistance of highly skilled technicians.